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Timothy J. Doherty

      Tim was a firefighter/EMT for over 30 years before going to law school.  He is a member of both the Oregon State Bar #185735 and California State Bar #297764, serving clients in both states. 

Law Office of Timothy J Doherty

My Vision

      After years of helping people in the fire department I wanted to continue to help people in a new way.  Whether planning for a fire, personal illness or death, the key is planning.  I have found that most people are panicked by unexpected events not because of the challenges they present, but because there has been no planning they have no idea what to do when they are presented with those challenges.  My job is to help you develop that plan.


Timothy J. Doherty

      Tim graduated from Empire College School of Law and started his estate planning practice in 2014.  Licensed in both Oregon and California he focuses on Estate Planning (wills and trusts), probate and small estates.  (Small estates are estates that contain asset amounts below statutory levels and therefore do not require a full probate.)

      Tim and his wife Lori relocated to Medford in 2017 after their home in Santa Rosa was burned to the ground in the Tubbs fire. Tim took the Oregon bar exam and joined the Oregon Bar in 2018.  

Email :            Tel: (541) 608-0118

Those who will not be counseled

cannot be helped

(Benjamin Franklin)

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