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Probate and Small Estates


      Probate is a court process used when a person with, or without, a will has assets in excess of the small estate limits that need to be distributed to people who have been designated to receive them, or "heirs-at-law," who are people determined by the court to receive assets of a deceased person.

      I will help you get through the probate process, make the necessary filings, publications and notifications necessary from start to finish.

Small Estates

      Small Estates involve assets which are under the statutory value limits and do not require a full probate. I refer to this as "Probate Light" because, in Oregon, there is a court filing involved but the process is generally much easier, faster and less expensive than a full probate.  In California there is not court filing required for a Small Estate.  If you are not sure whether your particular situation is right for using the Small Estate Affidavit process simply call me and we can discuss what is appropriate for you circumstances.

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