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Introducing our law firm

The Law Office of

Timothy J. Doherty

Creating Individual Estate Plans

                Assistance With Estate and Probate Related Matters

                                                       Serving Clients in Oregon and California

Introducing Tim

Tim spent more than 30 years helping people as a firefighter before going to law school and becoming an attorney.  While he studied the various areas of law he realized that whatever area he practiced it had to be something that satisfied his desire to help people.  Finally, based on his personal experience and training, he decided to go into estate planning, because it most closely fit his goal to keep helping people plan for and deal with some of the most challenging situations they can face.


      The current pandemic situation has made things difficult, but not impossible.  I still see clients in my office when necessary and I do most things remotely, including estate plans.  For my clients in Oregon and California, we can communicate via email, phone, face time and the good old United States Mail, for the entire process start to finish.  So, if Covid 19 is making you concerned about traveling or meeting, rest assured that we can get everything done without close contact.  Call my office today to schedule an appointment.  (541) 608-0118



Trust based Estate Plan

A trust based estate plan includes a trust(s), pour over will(s), power(s) of attorney, advance health care directive(s) with HIPAA waiver(s) and your final instructions.


Will based Estate Plan

A will based estate plan includes a will(s), power(s) of attorney, advance health care directive(s) with HIPAA waiver(s) and your final instructions.


Document Review

Often folks have an existing plan, or individual documents, such as a trust, will, advance directive or power of attorney that is old or from out of state.  I am happy to review those documents with you and help you decide if they still meet your needs, or if you might want to update or replace them with documents that more accurately reflect your current situation.  There is no fee or obligation for a review.


Probate or

Small Estate Administration

I offer assistance with the completion of the probate or small estate process.  If you find you have been named as the personal representative or executor of someone's will, or need to settle the estate for someone who did not have a will, I can help you through that process.

If you fail to plan,

you are planning to fail.

Benjamin Franklin

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